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Neuroscience in MTB Sports

We are launching a new project of foundation. Our goal is to help the riders (Downhill and Enduro and XC) to control their mind. While racing, appropriate training and equipment (see our Grassroots program if you need some) practical skills become the basis, and the result depends on the way you think. Performance optimization does not begin as you are at the top but already on the way to it. The analysis of the mind and the way competition of competitors is perceived makes a very promising prospect, that sets the direction of our development. Intelligence in cycling sports will provide the riders with what they exactly need, the right support.
We wish to provide promising riders who, unlike the professionals, do not have the possibility to interact with coaches and psychologists, with equal opportunities at the very early stage of their career. To those who got stuck somehow in one of the stages of their career, we want to give the right motivation, and the riders who are already on the verge of world’s success we will help to make the decision to grow. We are also about to focus on the problem of financial intelligence in sport. How to maintain, develop and earn in extremely risky disciplines. We will teach young riders how to create their image for potential sponsors and to engage them in the media. Moreover, we do provide support to those who find it hard to control their mind after injury or finishing cycling career. We will teach you how to set the sport goals and achieve them, because today’s success is not only built by muscles but the mind as well.
First of all, I wish you perseverance. Remember that there is power in each of you! Even if you cannot afford a bike but  really want to achieve sporting success  you can still do it. What you think, you become.
Kacper Krakowiak, founder, CEO Zumbi Cycles, motivator, personal development trainer and mtb enthusiast.
If you want to set and achieve sports goals consciously, learn to control your emotions, be effective and give the proverbial two equal jumps, find motivation, the power to survive failures and take care of your own sports finances – fill in the form and we will contact you.
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We report the sport struggle of the riders supported by the foundation. We show their startup results and inspirational interviews.
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