On March 18-22, European distributors as well as Zumbi Factory Racing players were invited to the enduro event which took place in the Italian Molini di Triora.Here’s how they described their mtb trip to enduro spot in Italy – Freeride bike bark Molini.


Due to the fact that we had to take two enduro bikes, we decided that it would be better to get there by car. We had just over 1500 km to drive. Unfortunately, as it turned out later, it was not a good decision. For the first time, our Mercedes W124 300D had failed and although it was a defect that we could normally repair ourselves, without access to the spare part it was not possible. So the assistance took our 20-year-old Mercedes to the authorized service AMG PERFORMANCE CENTER MERCEDES BENZ SWITZERLAND, where our car looked a bit antique. Although they treated us very exceptionally, the whole adventure cost us dearly. Such bad luck, the most expensive service of a Mercedes in one of the most expensive countries in Europe. The most important thing was that after a few hours we could move on. From there, it was about 400 km to Molini.

Molini di Triora is an extremely charming and small village, located about 40 km from San Remo surrounded by picturesque mountains with a large number of singletracks. In Molini, Mark Newman together with his wife, has been running Molini Freeride bike park for several years. There are over 20 beautiful mtb trails, plus downhill tracks of varying difficulty, as well as extremely interesting single ‘downtown’. Mark and his helpers take care of the surrounding routes in a bike park in Italy, they create new cycling paths, and most of all they take bicycles and riders to the beginning of the downhill trails.

The event began with a welcome dinner at the very cozy, family-run bike hotel Santo Spirito, with delicious home-made Italian food. Team players, distributors as well as photographers and reporters participated in it.

On the second day the whole team met in the base, in the Molini Freeride parking lot, where the team tent was set up and in it there were over ten full suspension bikes at the disposal of the participants. Most of them were mtb enduro 2017 models at good prices and a few 2018 enduro bikes. You could also fly on non-series prototype downhill 2019 frames. Downhill or full frames.

After a few group photos and discussing organizational issues, we went on bicycle routes. Unfortunately, the winter was extremely snowy and cold, which made it impossible for us to go where there are the highest routes dh and long single enduro in Italy. Especially the one that runs from the Triory to the Mediterranean Sea … We were able to do up to 9 downhill rides, including the time for a short lunch.

And so on the first day we took the bike park route starting above the town of Triora, where the enduro path first glides with stony and rather narrow serpentines with tight bends, and is located on an extremely steep slope. Later it enters the charming mountain town and runs further using urban elements such as stairs, narrow streets, bends, gates. I would like to add that Triora is great for organizing downtown type competitions, and there is enough peace there that there are almost no passers-by at all.

We spent the afternoon on the ‘Fantasy’ route. It was completely different than the previous one. It was not stony, it wound in the forest, leading through jumps, small jumps, beams and roots, and small ravines. Full cycling flow. Where to go to mtb? To Italy!

The next day greeted us with a slightly worse weather. It was raining and it was cold, which did not encourage riding. However, the racers did not let go, while the distributors spent their time at their own discretion, visiting the area. In the afternoon it cleared up, and it stayed that way until the next day. In the morning we went on dh route , which is on the other side of Molini. And here again, they could not bring us to the top because of the snow. Normally from the top the route is almost 20 km, while we started a little less than half way. And so it was long and varied. Initially, it was a forest path, sometimes going down very steeply and winding with tight corners, later it changed its character to a more rocky one, with rocky faults and beautiful views of the surrounding area.

It was our last day of riding. Enduro bikes worked well both on fast bumpy sections and technical corners. We are pleasantly surprised by the work of full suspension system ‘FPS’. We had the opportunity to ride on various models Zumbi F11 650b, Zumbi F11 29, Super Enduro F22, and a non-series downhill F44. Our favorites for this type of route are Zumbi F11 650b and Zumbi F11 29. Zumbi F22 bikes are designed from super enduro 180mm and freeride. Super Enduro models are great, but they are also well suited for uphill ride, F22 is a typical freeride.

We will remember our stay in Molini with joy and pleasure. The organizers took care of every detail. Enduro bikes and downhill bikes were perfectly prepared, and the mechanic was able to give advice and help if needed. In addition, the bicycle town itself is very charming and peaceful, offering at the same time a lot of interesting enduro and bike park downhill in Italy, under the care of extremely nice and nice people.





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