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If enduro, downhill, XC or freeride is your whole life and you have some riders achievement, or you trace your own routes in the highest mountains and spend all your free time cycling – GRASSROOTS is for you. Share with us your start up results, social profiles and describe your plans for the coming season.



  • for the best enduro riders, enduro frame for free
  • bike accessories from our partners
  • POC helmets and outfits
  • rdiscounts up to – 50% for bicycle frames, bicycles and accessories, available through the foundation
  • co-financing for the competitions
  • free use of the service park during the competition
  • membership in the best cycling teams

ALSO: Participation in

  • motivational trainings, increasing your self-discipline
  • training with the best cyclists and mentors
  • workshops with sports psychologists and authorities in the world of cycling
  • unique program for racers, helping to achieve financial stability
  • photo shoots and video sessions

For more information on self development in sport, click below: WHAT’S MORE: Support in:

  • building a sport career
  • creating a professional image in the media
  • negotiations with potential sponsors


  • presentation of current sports results in the following disciplines: Enduro, Downhill, XC and Freeride
  • outlining of plans for the 2018 season
  • active profile in social media

Even if you are just about to start your first sport season – we are here for you!

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