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Full suspension frame for extreme terrain You might have ridden one of these challenging routes in the neighborhood, but if wanted to face that really EPIC trail, You need to prepare properly. In these kind of places, skills count in the same way as equipment and only combined together, will allow you to fully experience the quintessence of DH. If names such as Saalbach Hinterglemm, Leogang, Spicak or Winterberg are familiar to you, then you know how useful the well-designed full suspension frame becomes in such extreme terrain.
#bikepark Not without reason, from many years only full-suspension bicycles are being seen in the Downhill World Cup series. On these trails created by mad track-builders a reliable test of the latest technologies is being done. During the DH World Cup in Leogang, competition starts on 2600m a.s.l. and finish 543m below, allowing to reach speeds of 80km/h and more. And as Leogang Bikepark offers its visitors several routes with such high level of difficulty, almost everybody can try hers/his skills. It is good to have nerves of steel, however for the bicycles an aluminum such as 7020 aircraft alloy, might be a better material. It is also important to have the suspension working smartly. Both front and rear shocks must be adequately adjusted to the weight and riding style of cyclist; not only to provide comfort, but also to keep away from getting injured. FPS suspension system used in bicycles such as Zumbi F44 reduces the unfavorable effect of braking and pedaling, staying active when it is needed the
160mm or 180mm of travel? Fans of singletracks wanting a bit more versatile bike should pay attention to Super Enduro F22 models. These are dedicated for starts in the Enduro World Series and are able to cope with the toughest routes. But unlike a strictly downhill F44, F22 also easily bags a peak. 180mm travel and the center of gravity located as low as it’s possible makes them perfectly stick to the path giving the smoothest roll over the most demanding terrain.
#gravitycard Fully downhill and super enduro bikes are a lot of fun. Why don’t You check it by yourself? Where? – Wherever You want: With The Gravity Card You will get the key to the biggest bikeparks in Europe for the whole season.


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