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What the hell is that enduro?

#endurobike Not a long time ago there was a plot, that riding so called ‘enduro’ -style is a specific kind of retirement for former downhill pro-riders. Luckily this era has definitely ended and now if your fellow told You he/she’s enduro-fan, a respect is deserved. Actually there’s not a big difference if You roll downhill on All-Mountain 170mm than DH 200mm travel bike. More, the second, DH-specific one, won’t let You climb the steep hills with the same ease as AM.
But what in fact is that ‘Enduro’? For some this will be a journey and exploration of unknown terrain (especially mountainous), others will say there is no enduro without specially profiled singletracks. Surely the growing number of places like Smrek Singletrek fulfill the request of growing army of enthusiast, but without the bumps and dumps it still can be fun, couse the adventure waits for us literally everywhere.
#endurobikes If anybody wonders a specific bicycle is required for this activity, let us quote what wise man once said: “every bike is an adventure bike”. But we people always wanted to make life more pleasant, and that’s why an enduro bicycle has come to life. Its most important feature is a long travel suspension system suitable for both crazy down- and sweat-full up-hills. It has to have wider range of gears, reasonable overall weight (couse from time to time You’ll have to carry it up on Your back), and last but not least a properly fat, grippy tires fit on wheel strong enough to survive some drops from time to time.
Enduro bike 27.5 or 29 wheels? When comes to buying one, a lot of questions will come to mind: 27.5 or 29 wheels? 1x or 2x speed cranks? tubes or tubeless? If You’re not a very experienced cyclist, remember – an ultimate setup was never discovered at first time. If You got doubts thou, don’t think twice – sign in for demo-day or test ride organized by Your local bike-shop and check this out by yourself!


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