The world has changed. The world wants CUSTOM. Everyone wants to stand out. and reach a higher level of satisfaction.We can afford it and we become the creators of our amazing machines.

And how is it with the best mountain bikes?


Let’s take me and the customization of the genuine ENDURO 650b to work on.

I am:
196 cm tall, long legs, disproportionate from the hips to the knee – I often touch the bar. Short arms and a tendency to thump, which makes me feel back pain on my bike.


I want:
Aggressive enduro, frame150mm – 160mm of travel. Interesting frame color . But most of all I want to have a good position on the bike, but I do not know what center of gravity in the enduro bike is. I am interested in a good price enduro bike.

First, I contact the Zumbi Custom technical department. I define my needs: I describe my long-standing problem with matching the bike. I characterize my riding style and the places where I cycle most . I also give my preferences regarding the length of the full suspension frame (from € 1599) and the angles of the full frame head. (It is also possible to order your own dimensions for enduro geometry). From traditional geometry to very progressive with a flat head angle and a long top mtb frame tube, giving the effect under the name choper geometry of the frame.

How to choose the size of a mountain bike?
I make a preliminary measurement (suitable for fitting the geometry in the enduro frame) of three lengths: height, arm length, leg length and I give my weight.


How to measure the height to the bicycle?
I measure my arms from the middle of my palm to the armpit. The length of the legs – standing straight from the crotch to the ground, and the height I give from the top of the head to the ground, preferably standing next to the wall. At the beginning it is enough. The answer from Zumbi comes quickly and informs me that my data will be analyzed by computer, and the situation will be assessed personally by the main constructor of bicycle frames.


Zumbi Custom department

contacts me by phone, discusses the dimensions described and asks additional questions. The next day, I get my own 29 enduro bike geometry, signed by bicycle constructors. My attention is drawn to the commentary of Zumbi’s main constructor in which he relies on his long experience in descent and suggesting a change of wheels on 29 inches with the convenient enduro frame geometry for me, created basically from the progressive F11 model from 2018. The basis is the geometry of the 27.5 inches bike with raised travel for frame F11 29 “to standard up to 150mm stroke of enduro frame 29. Wow! This is exactly what I expected from so few companies talking about themselves: a manufacturer of bicycle frames, enduro bikes and full-size frames.


Zumbi experts suggest in my case the use of the 2×11 solution, together with the creation of a special fastened to the Shimano XT derailleur, to optimize – the weight of the enduro bike, the properties of the AM bicycle. I also charge for free fixing for two bidons, and for the extra charge the highest model Race Face Turbine 150mm, for a special saddle tube extended for me. I will not shake, with a telescopic 150mm seatpost with maximum extension. A nice surprise is the free choice of color for the enduro frame, from among available black mat, Raw, gray rhodium with AMG mercedes, team, red, orange and blue.


After a short thought – long is not required, you need to trust professionals with more than 20 years of experience in downhill, obvious biking passion and dedication to what they do. I decide and receive a four-week term of delivery with a free exclusive delivery of a bike to my home, by a Zumbi Cycles employee. I feel that in the end someone will take care of it so that I can ride my enduro bike for many hours without back pain.


How much does it cost to create enduro framewith your own geometry?

See the custom frame geometry tab



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