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All Mountain bikes

AM mountain bikes 29 and 27.5

#allmountainbike The ‘all mountain’ slogan looks like a challenge and a promise. The challenge, because mountains are always a test of our strength, endurance and fit level. And a promise that in their surrounding we will get everything that we miss every day in our city-lives: fresh air, contact with nature and … adrenaline-driven adventures.
#uphill & downhill From the efficient uphill climbs, smooth turns’ control to confident overcoming of the uneven terrain – all this riding skills are equally important in mountainous area, and practicing each of them gives a different kind of emotions and satisfaction.
ALL-MOUNTAIN BIKE SPECYFICATION All mountain bikes, such as Zumbi F11, are a golden mean for people looking for a versatile and comfortable machine to spend hours of riding. 27.5 or 29 inch wheels perform well with any ‘surface’. All mountain frame has a suspension system with 120 to 160mm travel, it works well in forest descents, and at the same time does not burden the bike. A big relief of all mountain bikes is their drivetrain based on an 11-speed cassette. Combination of 30-teeth sprocket in front with 11-42-teeth cogs on back will allow us to find the exact gearing ratio for ascending steep slopes and when a higher speed is needed on the crazy road down the hill. The possibility to adjust height of the saddle from the handlebar’s level is also a priceless solution. One click and it goes down for a lower, safer and in fact more aggressive position for descending while another click will rise it up gaining a more efficient pedaling power during the ascents. After trying once, You gonna love it forever.
All mountain bike geometry: STANDARD or CUSTOM MTB GEOMETRY This is a new quality and the essence of mountain bike-ing at all. A super all-round machine that will fulfill Your highest expectations. Whether You go for a journey of Your life in most remote parts of the world or just wanna have fun in bike-parks, this is the only bike You need. If that is not enough, such companies as Zumbi Cycles can help You by customizing almost every detail starting from geometry tailored to specific body dimensions, through unique paint-job limited only by Your imagination and finishing on the selection of such parts as forks, wheels or drivetrain. Check how much the bike can be yours! CUSTOM BIKE CUSTOM BIKE

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