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From the mountain peak there is a splendid view of the country. Distant houses, fields, forests. Clouds seem to be closer, like You could touch the sky. 100, 500, 1000 meters – no matter how high You climbed, when you look ahead, the same thought would come to Your mind: ‘how to get down’? And next: ‘If I only took a bike’…

What is downhill mountain bike racing?

 …You might had a pretty fun riding down the hill. For such purposes a special construction of bicycles was brought to life. It’s been used in cycling disciplines in which the force of gravity plays a dual role of an ally and an enemy at the same time. Downhill bike which we are talking about is an indispensable machine for riding through routes such steep that crossing them on our own legs may seem almost impossible. But a trained eye will notice that tracks designed for downhill sport racing are cleverly shaped to increase the speed of cyclists. In fact the better technique they have, the less braking they need and finally the better results they achieve.

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Downhill bikes combines two elements: solid and stable construction ready to survive massive drops with durable and effective suspension suitable for rolling over slick roots and rockgardens. Of course You won’t drive like a Pro without proper skills, but thanks to well-designed machin, such as the Zumbi F44, cyclist can feel more confident on downhills, leaving worries about the equipment away. Full suspension system with virtual point – how does it work?


What else makes downhill bikes the ones of a kind? Easily noticeable in first impression is the high position of super-wide handlebars, this is essential for smooth cornering in high speeds. Next are a dual-crown suspension forks appearing similar to those used in motorcycles. In the case of the Zumbi F44 these are 200mm travel, BOS Idylle forks still made in France. The final touch gives a long travel, extra cushy rear shock based on FPS technology – read more about FULL SUSPENSION SYSTEM , which eliminates the negative effect of braking and pedaling on the way suspension works.


#Grassrootscycles Have You already ridden one? Or want to give it a try? Check GRASSROOTS – maybe this will help You become a downhill addict.


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